South Florida- Emerge Miami is Bringing You a Yard Sale this Sunday!


The folks at Emerge Miami are holding a communal yard sale at one of our places this Sunday. So far, the majority of materials seems to be books and movies, but there will be other awesome pre-loved items such as clothes, furniture, bicycles, and more! A portion of the proceeds will go to Emerge so it can keep doing its thing.

The sale is on Sunday, July 22nd, from 7 AM to around 4 PM. There are many contributors to it, and we’d love to offload onto you with great bargains and awesome thrift!

Send me a message for location and details!

Check out Emerge Miami for more nifty events around town!

Please Help Me with a Class Project Survey on the Urban Development Boundary

Hello any friends who are Miami folk!

I am conducting a survey for a group project on Miami-Dade’s Urban Development Boundary and could use your input!

This is a project for a public policy analysis course involving a survey of Miami-Dade residents and their feedback on the Urban Development Boundary. Since this topic has come up at many Emerge meetings lately, it seems like a good time to use this class project to both gauge interest in this issue and maybe consider the data for future initiatives related to it. The survey is only 9 multiple choice questions, and shouldn’t take more than five minutes to complete.

This data is going to be finalized and charted on Thursday, 7/12. Please submit your responses before then.

Feel free to pass this link on to other people you feel might be interested in participating.

The survey is here:

Thanks for your help!