Please Help Me with a Class Project Survey on the Urban Development Boundary

Hello any friends who are Miami folk!

I am conducting a survey for a group project on Miami-Dade’s Urban Development Boundary and could use your input!

This is a project for a public policy analysis course involving a survey of Miami-Dade residents and their feedback on the Urban Development Boundary. Since this topic has come up at many Emerge meetings lately, it seems like a good time to use this class project to both gauge interest in this issue and maybe consider the data for future initiatives related to it. The survey is only 9 multiple choice questions, and shouldn’t take more than five minutes to complete.

This data is going to be finalized and charted on Thursday, 7/12. Please submit your responses before then.

Feel free to pass this link on to other people you feel might be interested in participating.

The survey is here:

Thanks for your help!


Won’t You Be My Neighborland?

So yesterday, on my way way west to take my Quantitative Analysis class, I was trying to quantify a value for effectiveness around town. I mean, we do our thing with the bikes and the building better communities and the veggie potlucks and the civic engagement and such, but how do you place a value on the work that’s done and gauge whether or not it was wanted in the first place.

Then National Party Radio’s “All Things Considered” came on with a special on something ridiculously and cosmically coincidentally awesome!

Miamians- I want you to meet Neighborland, a happening out of New Orleans that took the water swept aftermath of historic catastrophe and made an experiment in opportunity democracy. A beautiful meshing of “Hello: My Name Is” and Madlibs, Neighborland set up its beloved community with a device for voicing their expectations, desires, and ambitions for a thriving and creative community.

Let’s get this clear: Neighborland has developed a conduit for a city on the path to recovery with a blank template full of opportunities to develop, improve, and declare its creative capabilities.

Maybe I am being a little presumptuous speaking on your behalf, South Florida, BUT THESE GUYS GOT WHAT MIAMI NEEDS!

With Build a Better Block Miami coming up in October, our city is welcoming vocal locals with a forum to express what they want from their town.

Currently centered around New Orleans, but dashing into cities across the country, Neighborland is helped residents envision the city they want. And we’ve asked them to put Miami on their map. Our town is a growing sensation built upon ongoing experiences and experiments in engagement and emergent behavior. Picture having the chance to declare your vision on a wonderfully creative and interactive network for community-building. Make your dreams heard. Bring them to life.

We will update more, as we continue to reach out to Neighborland and make Miami a part of its neighborhood.