Come on in and check out the big to-do, courtesy of Engage Miami!

What happens when you take the most lamentably underused piece of public land in Miami and toss a metric boatload of chalk at it?

Miami’s Parcel B, a 5 acre asphalt lot behind American Airlines Arena, was promised as a public park back in the 90’s when local voters offered a tepid “aiight” at the ballots to have the sports complex dropped on some prime waterfront public land.

20 years later, the park promised to the people never happened. Local orgs such as Engage Miami, Emerge Miami, and a cadre of other community-minded folk spent the summer of 2015 rallying to make a park of this space, already! Dubbing the parcel “Dan Paul Park”- after the public spaces advocate who helped fight Miami’s good zoning fight- the effort has been a watershed of civic engagement.

Picnics, bike rides, and sundry activities later, the summer culminated in #Chalktacular- a record-breaking community art piece for Miami’s public land lovers!

Enjoy the remarkable results!

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