You Want to Hear A Piece of Me?


What a watershed week! First, I learn how to use some WordPress in order to set up some Webpage to promote some Collection I am Working on Publishing-

And now, the lovely ladies at Lip Service have invited me to participate in their June 9th event, Traffic Stories.

Is this a major coincidence?

Absolutely not.

This is shameless self-promotion. Straight up. I will not lie to you because I love you just enough to tell you things that are mostly true. I want to get my stuff out there. I’ve got pages and pages of it, and I’m only giving you a sample of it right now. Just wait, world! It’s on!

So, while I appreciate you joining me here on the Interwebs to get a look at what’s been going on, I would love to have you join me- among many way-awesomer local writers- for one night only, at the Miracle Theater in Coral Gables, Saturday the 9th. We will tell you stories of hobnobbing with traffic the likes of which you will probably relate to, being from the traffic capital of South Florida! Mine involves bikes! And the frustrations of public humiliation!

Please to join?

Of course you will.

I love you too much to have you miss this.


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